Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the Contest Winner Is.............

Congratulations!! Because I only had two people enter I am going to make them both the winners!! It only seems fair.

Judy wins this Original Collage
                                           Patt Scrivener, Asian Fusion
                                           Collage and Ink, 4"x4" ©2010 

and for Mandi

                                           Patt Scrivener, Asian Fusion 2
                                           Mixed Media, 4"x4" ©2010 


  1. These are wonderful collages!

  2. Thanks Eva, I did a bunch of 4" collages and will be featuring the rest of them in my Etsy store. Tomorrow I am teaching a collage class. I have been tardy at the blog posting of late and hopefully will get back to it next week.
    Thanks for your feedback.